Save Aelin 2018 and Kingdom of Ash

Hallo meine Fanleute! Which translates to Hello my fanpeople! I hope you all have been amazing while I was gone. I meant to post much sooner but I have been incredibly busy. Before I start talking about how Sarah J Maas has destroyed me let me give a quick life update. So I finished school for the spring last week. I was going to take summer classes as well but I recently GOT A JOB!! MY FIRST ONE! This is pretty big to me. Not only will I be making money I’ll be making it doing something I love and plan to go to school for next year. I’m going to be a chef! A freaking chef!! I am incredibly excited in case you can tell from the caps and the exclamation points. Now that I’ve said that I’ll tell you about how SJM ruined me. 

So I was first introduced to Sarah J Maas on bookstagram in 2016. Her book Throne of Glass series was very popular and even more popular was her A Court of Thorns and Roses series. What sounded more interesting to me was Throne of Glass. An assassin who had to compete with other assassins to be champion of an oppressive king was right up my alley. So I bought it and devoured it. Lucky for me there were already 5 books in the series so I could read to my hearts content. I got the second book shortly after finishing the first and devoured that too. I had to wait to get the other books until after I had my usual Christmas Barnes and Noble gift card haul. The day after Christmas I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the rest of the books. I finished the third one right as it became a new year. I had just met the love of my life ROWAN WHITETHORN and it was definitely going to be a good year. After that I finished the fourth and fifth book as fast as possible while still in school. I then was dead inside because Empire of Storms is not the last book in the series and it ends on a gigantic cliffhanger. I mean like the biggest cliffhanger.

Just so you know I had planned on waiting until the last book was published after I realized that Empire of Storms wasn’t the last one. Queen of Shadows, the fourth book, does not end on a cliffhanger. I could have easily waited but my friend who had read EOS before me said “No, you have to read it now. I promise there is no cliffhanger.” That friend is now dead to me and to everyone else because I killed her. JK but I yelled at her through DM’s for a very long time. Her words were “I needed someone else to suffer” with a shrugging emoji!! I mean come on.

So here I am a year and a half later waiting for the last book to finally come out. After three schedule changes and a novella becoming a novel Kingdom of Ash, isn’t that an amazing and terrifying title, finally coming out this year. It;s publishing date is October 23rd and I am so ready!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I freaking need this book so bad. I need my sweet baby Rowan, I need my Court of Terrasen and I need my Fire-Breathing Bitch Queen. I have not preordered my copy yet because you know there is going to be a special edition and I need that edition. I think that and the cover reveals will be announced in a month at most, hopefully. Once this book is out I will absolutely be fangirling about it after processing the shit that I am sure is going to go down.

So I hope you enjoyed that probably incomprehensible gibberish of fangirling. I hope to post again soon. Have  wonderful DAY!

Happy Reading!



HI. HELLO. HOW ARE YOU? I hope you all had a wonderful week and are having an even more wonderful weekend. Two weeks ago I spent my weekend at the best book festival, YALLWEST. YALLWEST is a Young Adult book festival hosted in Santa Monica around this time every year. It’s always packed full of authors, publishers, amazing companies who are all fellow fanpeople. I have been going since I discovered it existed two years ago. I go every year with my amazing uncle who so kindly stands in different lines and is also graciously my pack mule. If you have never had the chance to go I highly recommend attending next year.

I went to Fierce Friday on the Friday before YALLWEST. We got there around around 4 PM to start lining up. There was already a very long line. By the time we got up there we got the second to last wristbands for Tomi Adeymi. Tomi’s signing was at 7 so we just hung out in the library for a while. There was Pop In Trivia and it had a ton of Star Wars themed questions since it was May the 4th. We played three rounds. We finally won in the last round and I was able to choose an ARC I was really excited for.  Before that I was able to meet Tomi and she was so nice. We talked while she was signing my book. It was so great. They didn’t let me pose for a photo but my uncle got some good candid ones. After the event was over we went home.

This year was absolutely amazing!!! I was lucky enough to score a press pass and so was my uncle. I honestly till cant believe that I got PRESS! It was my first press event but hopefully not my last.

Back to what I was saying. I was lucky enough to get a press pass and as press we had a different entrance fro the regular YALLWEST entrance. We stood in line for about 30 minutes before someone came around and started handing out press passes. 30 minutes after that at 9:00, the start time of the festival, we were let in. (The best part is that we were let in earlier than the normal attendees. They were let in around 9:30.) As soon as we got in many people started running to where the publisher booths were. My uncle and I had already had a plan before entering so he went to HMH teen to get in line for an ARC drop while I went the Book Beau booth. I love Benita so obviously I had to go to her first. I got two XL Beaus and a free enamel pin. The pin and the beaus are amazing by the way. I got an atlas print and a constellation print. They are definitely two of my favorite things ever.

After Book Beau I went to the Underlined booth to get in line for the Book Nerd Prom tickets. The line was about 20 people long by the time I got in it. They started handing out tickets at around 10. After I got the two tickets for my uncle and myself I went to meet him and get in line for another ARC drop. From there the day was just us running around to different arc drops with a break for lunch around 11. I would do a more step by step look but that seems boring. Instead I’ll tell you about how I almost got trampled.

So after a very long day of arc drops my last drop of the day was the Fierce Reads Recommends Fantasy drop at 5 PM. I got there around 4:05 after the City of Ghosts arc drop. There was an extremely long line that had formed next to the booth and it was a little crazy. Around two minutes after I arrived at the booth there was a announcement from one of the Fierce Reads staff. She told us “There is no official line yet. We will start lining up around 4:15”. Immediately after she uttered those words the booth was SWARMED. I mean it went from calm one second to chaos the next. It was so crowded and I was being pushed around. When 4:15 hit the woman who made the earlier announcement pointed to where one of her fellow crew members was standing and we were all supposed to line up behind him. People were running and I was being pushed with them. It turned out the guys was standing in the wrong direction and so the people who lined up behind him were actually in front off him. I ran to get behind where he was after that was said and I was 7th in line. My uncle right behind me. We got the two ARCS i wanted and then we went to get in line for the Grishaverse meet up.

It was definitely an busy day. At the end of the day I got 13 arcs along with 6 totes and even more swag. It was a ridiculously successful and fun day. I can’t wait for next year. I know it will be even more amazing!!

I hope you enjoyed my recap. Happy Reading!!


landscape-1522924460-avengers-infinity-war-posterGreetings Humans! I hope you have all had a wonderful day since we last spoke. I have just been playing with my adorable new puppy, Audrey Hepburn Underwood. She is the best little pup even though she insists on waking me up at 4 AM. My sleep has taken a serious hit but she is absolutely worth it.

On Saturday I went to Avengers: Infinity War with my dad. Since it just came out I was able to avoid spoilers. All I saw was that it is heartbreaking and people were leaving the theater in tears. Let me tell you those people were telling the truth. OMG it was amazing and terrible all at the same time. I was practically in tears walking out of the theater. Several others could be heard audibly sobbing while watching the movie.

I think my favorite thing about this film was that it was hilarious while also destroying your hopes and dreams. Now I’m sure Marvel will fix this shit or many angry fans will be coming for them so I’m not super worried. All I absolutely want is my favorite character back. Marvel knows who. They KNOW!! Seriously he needs to freaking live!!!!!!!!!

So on that wonderfully happy note I’m going to leave you in suspense trying to guess who my favorite character is and who else dies. *maniacal laugh*

Happy Reading

Heart of Iron Murdered My Soul

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I know it’s been forever and I am so sorry. I have no excuse except for school and family and a new puppy. So i do have excuses they just aren’t good ones. Now that I’m back I thought I would tell you all about how Heart of Iron murdered my soul. It’s a rather interesting tale if I do say so myself. So without further ado let the fangirling commence.

Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston released on February 27, 2018. I had preordered this book but I could’t read it until the 7th once I went to Mysterious Galaxy for a signing. Let me tell you I was absolutely chomping at the bit to get my hands on this book. It was one of my most anticipated reads of this year. Once I finally got y hands on it the night of the signing I stated it immediately. By the time the discussion started I was 20 pages in and I did not want to stop. However I showed incredible self-control and stopped.

Stopping was absolutely worth it because the discussion was hilarious and amazing. Ashley Poston and Kirsten White are amazing together and had everybody laughing the whole time. We got to hear about the sequel to Heart of Iron and a little bit about Ashley’s upcoming untitled book about sexy fox boys. Which you better believe I’ll be preordering. We also heard about Kirsten’s upcoming releases Bright We Burn and The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein. Both of which are “fantastically gory”  according to Ashley.

After the discussion was over we all stood in line to wait and get our various books signed. I had two books to get signed. Ashley’s debut novel Geekerella and Heart of Iron her newest novel. I got to talk to Ashley for a long time once it was my turn and the photo above is us together. We fangirled together about how amazing Jen Bartel is and how gorgeous her Character cards were. Then after we took a picture she apologized and swhen I asked why she just said “You’ll see.” Now that response should have prepared me for the amount of pain I was about ot be in but nope. I went in thinking I would come out fine. I was very wrong.

I finished Heart of Iron in 6 hours. After I got home from the signing I continued reading and didn’t stop until it was over. That is absolutely how this book needs to be read. This book was heart wrenching and by the end heart and soul killers. Now despite everything I just said this book was absolutely amazing and everything I wanted in an Anastasia retelling plus everything I didn’t know i needed in this retelling. Next year can’t come fast enough!!

Really quickly we need to talk about Di. OMG MY SWEET PRECIOUS DI!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! If for no other reason read this book so you have Di in your life.  Seriously he is to sweet for this world.

I hope you all enjoyed this episode of Skylar obsessively fangirling. I’ll be back very soon. Maybe even tomorrow. *wink wink* Until next time HAPPY READING.

Everless Adventures

I traded on #booksfortrade for an Everless ARC right before Christmas. As soon as it arrived I started reading it and barely a day later I finished it. The first thought I had after I was done was HOLY SHIT. It was such a well written book and just everything about it made you want to go deeper into that world.

Time being money was never more important. I personally would probably be dead immediately. Especially since I would spend it all on books 🤷‍♀️. Oh well I always knew I would die for books.

Jules is a pretty cool main character. While she knows how to hunt she also isn’t so badass. While there is nothing wrong with ass kicking heroines you can relate to Jules much more. So much of this book was just action and more action. There was never a point where I was bored.

I loved the world-building and so much of this book reminded me of Leigh Bardugo which obviously made me love it more. I can’t wait to see what happens next. This was absolutely a five star book and a complete Fangirl experience!

Have a Fangirltastic day!!

The Time Leigh Bardugo Made Me Cry

Hello!!!! I am so sorry for not posting sooner. I was at a serious loss at what to make my first real post about. I have so many authors I love and I could not decide who to choose first. Then one of my favorite was having a signing at an indie bookstore near me and the book gods decided for me. The Language of Thorns came out Tuesday September 26th, 2017. It was written by Leigh Bardugo. Leigh Bardugo is the author of the Shadow and Bone trilogy, the Six of Crows duology and Language of Thorns. If you don’t know who or what I’m talking then who has deprived you of this amazing author ?

Leigh Bardugo is in my top 5 all time favorite authors. I have met her three times now and each time I was shaking. I was so excited I was physically shaking and almost to the point of hyperventilating. I had no reason to she was so nice.

The first time I met her was at YALLWEST. The line was incredibly long but I was more than willing to wait to meet the author who made me sob and laugh at the same time. I made it to the front of the line after about an hour and I was extremely nervous. Leigh was so nice. She asked my who my favorite character was and told me I could take two pins (language of thorns). She was extremely polite despite being there in the heat for hours. She was late to an event because she wanted to make sure everyone could get their books signed.

The next time I met her was on August 29th of this year. It was the launch event for her  Wonder Woman: Warbringer book. I Stars in LA the night before and walked over at around 8:50 which was ten minutes before Barnes and Noble opened. There was already a line at a store near Barnes and Noble for the signing but I managed to by pass that. No one told me that there was a line so I was the first to buy a book and get my wristband for the event. I walked over to the event at 4 pm and the event

This third time was this last weekend. There was a signing event at Mysterious Galaxy Books. I arrived two hours early because I knew it would be extremely busy. I got my book and my exclusive print 😍 as well as an enamel pin. I stood at a table and waited. After an hour or two a friend I Tales to on bookstagram arrived. We talked for a very long time and then Leigh arrived. They gave us the ground rules saying that we would be going up in groups like when you get on an airplane. My number was 91 and my friends was 93 so we had to wait for awhile 😂. We talked some more and people went around giving out more swag. I got so much Grishaverse swag it was amazing. After it was finally my turn I went up with my stack of books and said hi nervously. She said hi and that’s quite a stack of books you have. I said Yes I do sorry. She was nice as always and we talked for a very long time. She remembered me again! I’m telling you she is the absolute best.

So now after those extremely long summaries of my event experiences I will end my first blog post. Leigh is one of my favorite authors and I highly recommend her books. Her world is amazing and so are her characters. There will be a new book set a little after the Shadow and Bone series that will come out in 2019. It’s about my absolute favorite character Nikolai Lantsov. Absolutely read her books and if you ever get the chance to meet her I absolutely recommend going! I hope this was interesting not just rambling fangirling. Though that is what this blog is about. Have a wonderfully bookish day.


Hi Everyone! By everyone I mean the two people who are actually reading this. I’m just kidding. I’m hoping more than two people want to listen to my ramblings. But before I really begin let me introduce myself.

Hi my name is Skylar . I’m a giant nerd and I love books. I am a 17 year old who is without a doubt addicted to books. I read fantasy, sci-fi , and the rare contemporary My favorite book so far this year is Strange the Dreamer. A few more interesting things about me I’m a bookstagramer and I am also a huge introvert.

I have actually tried to start a book blog many times and it just never turned out the way I wanted. This time I think I’ve got it right though. This is a book blog but it’s not so much a review blog. Now that may be confusing considering it’s called Fangirl Reviews so please let me explain. This is going to be a blog where I fangirl about the books I have or plan to read. In my many attempts at a book blog in the past I realized I don’t enjoy directing a book and finding everything that’s wrong with it. I want to enjoy the book and just be excited. So that’s what this blog is. It’s a blog for my fangirling about books, movies, tv shows and also authors. I hope you all love this idea as much as I do 😊.

I hope that all made sense. I can’t wait to post my first fangirl session. If you made it through that whole post then I would like to thank you 😁.

Happy Reading!